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M C Blackcap 0070

Registration Number: 16892078
Date of Birth: October 18, 2010
M C Blackcap 0070 is one of our leading donors that comes from a proven, highly maternal cow family. She is a Benfield Substance daughter out of a T C Gridiron dam. She has produced bulls that have been highly sought after in our bull sales, three sons have averaged $5300. We have retained 4 impressive daughters in the herd. She posts ratios of 4@97 BW, 4@112 WW, 10@101 RE and ranks in the top 10 or better for WW, YW, Docility, Claw, Angle, CW, HP, $M,$F and $W.

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M C Resource 7007
2018 Spring Sale top selling bull. $6300 to Lucky Charms Farm LLC.

M C Stunner 909
One of four flush brothers that will sell in our fall 2020 sale.

M C Stunner 9053

M C Blackcap 7067

Registration Number: 16220365
Date of Birth: September 23, 2007
M C Blackcap 7067 is a true foundation female. 7067 has an outstanding track record posting ratios of 4@99 BW, 5@105 WW, 1@123 YW, 9@104 IMF and 9@103 RE. She has produced 10 offspring that have averaged $6,450 with 11 daughters retained in our herd. Her most noteworthy daughter, M C Blackcap 3057(Tic Tock) who is in the Prairie View Donor pen had an unbelievable show career. She was named Champion Senior Yearling at the 2015 ERJAS, Reserve Champion Senior Calf at NAILE, a class winner at NJAS, Supreme Champion Heifer at the 2014 VA State Fair and Supreme Champion at the VA Angus Breeders show in 2014. Tic Tock’s first calf, MC PVF Blackcap 5228 has carried on the winning ways. She was Grand Champion Bred and owned heifer at the 2017 MAJAC Show, Reserve Champion Bred and owned heifer at the 2016 Eastern Regional Junior Angus show and won her class at NAJS.

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M C Blackcap 3057
Champion Senior Yearling
2015 Eastern Regional Junior Angus Show

M C Blackcap 3057
Supreme Champion
2014 Virginia State Fair

2017 Mid Atlantic Junior Angus Classic
Grand Champion Bred and Owned Heifer
Daughter of M C Blackcap 3057

M C Blackcap 3057
Reserve Champion Senior Calf
2014 NAILE

M C Blackcap 1078
Supreme Champion
2013 Virginia Angus Breeders show

M C Blackcap 3079
Reserve Supreme Champion
2014 Virginia State Fair

M C Blackcap 3079


M C Miss WIX 870

Registration Number: 16892074
Date of Birth: October 15, 2008
M C Miss Wix 870 is a cornerstone pathfinder dam in our program. She is a direct daughter of Miss Wix 9402 who was a donor in both the Oak Hill Farm as well as the McCumber Angus Ranch in North Dakota. 870 records ratios of 6@97BW, 6@104WW, 24@111 IMF, and has generated over $105,000 in sales. 17 sons have averaged over $5,100 in our bull sales and we have retained 15 daughters in our herd. Her son, M C Earnesto 3054 was selected by Genex in our 2014 Fall sale.

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These are two 870 sons sired by TC Aberdeen that
were sold in our 2014 spring sale.

M C Miss Wix 4033
2nd place owned heifer at 2015 NJAS
Daughter of Miss Wix 870, Sired by S A V Resource 1441

M C Miss Wix 4033
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M C Earnesto 3054 
Top Lot in the 2014 Fall Bull Sale.
Sold to Genex Cooperative.
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Sitz Emma 36L

Registration Number: 13811740
Date of Birth: February 3, 2001
36L was our selection from the Sitz Angus herd in Montana in 2006. She was another pathfinder foundation female. Trough our ET program 36L produced many outstanding calves. Her bulls have topped our bull sale and served our customers well. 36L is deceased but the impact she had on our herd is not forgotten. At left is her daughter M C Emma 2006. She was Supreme Champion Heifer at the 2013 VA State Fair, won her class in Louisville in 2012 and is now raising her second heifer calf.

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M C Final Answer 2027 is a son of 36L. This is just
one example of the great bulls she produced.

M C Revolution 4002
A son of 36L, and sold in our 2015 Spring Bull Sale


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